Deep learning for mice and men




May 30, 2023

Join us on May 30 2023 at Auditorium 4, H.C. Ørsted-Instituttet, Universitetsparken 5, Copenhagen for an evening dedicated to deep learning, food, drinks and a chance to meet fellow young statisticians – all completely free of charge!

We will hear about different applications of deep leaning from two excellent speakers:

Christian Laut Ebbesen who is Deep Learning Specialist in Data Science at Lundbeck A/S will give the nights first talk. The topic is using Deep Learning and Data Science to discover the syllables of animal body languages. In particular, Christian will talk about models for animal movement, which involves time series, neural networks and clustering?

Desmond Elliot’s talk will be about natural language processing and is held by Assistant Professor Desmond from DIKU. In this talk we will hear about his recent work in training language models for all written languages using novel visual representations. The model in question is called PIXEL, a language model that operates solely on images of rendered text. Using this approach it is possible to transfer representations across languages based on orthographic similarity or the co-activation of pixels.

The event will begin at 17.30 and in addition to the two talks there will be free food sponsored by The Danish Statistical Society. After the talks, we will go for a drink at a bar nearby. In order for us to have enough food and drinks ready, please sign up no later than May 24, 2023.

Note that attending the Facebook event is NOT sufficient – you need to sign up using the following form: